Advanced VFX Compositing

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Take your skills to the next level and learn the industry’s most powerful visual effects digital compositing. Your NUKE training will prepare you creatively and technically so you’re ready to hit the ground running when you graduate. you’ll master techniques in rotoscoping, keying and color correction grading. You’ll also finish the course with a custom built professional portfolio and the confidence in knowing you are industry ready.

What you will learn


Building node trees
Navigating the timeline, nodes, and Curve Editor
Animating keyframes
Transforming and reformatting images
Merging images and layers
Keying and compositing
Rendering 3D scenes
Working with channels
Color correcting and Grading
Warping and morphing footage
3D compositing
Camera Projection


Setting up the application 
Organizing projects
Creating spline shapes
Tracking in mocha
Using tracking data for different tasks
Using offset tracking
Rotoscoping fundamentals
Creating complex mask shapes efficiently
Stabilizing footage



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